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Nnete Consulting Engineers is the new name for the Polokwane office of Murango Consulting Engineers.  The restructuring of Murango Consulting Engineers resulted in the formation of a new company (namely Nnete Consulting Engineers) which took over the resources, staff and projects that resided under the Polokwane office. Hence the project experience from the Polokwane office of Murango is totally relevant to Nnete Consulting Engineers

Although the company shareholding currently resides solely under D Hovy, growth of the newly formed company would ensure empowerment to historically disadvantaged individuals. From mentorship and other avenues the ownership would be reviewed regularly to broaden the shareholding.

Although Nnete Consulting Engineers is an emerging company, it has the combined expertise of more than 50 years of professional experience between its director and the professionals it is in association with. The company specializes in civil engineering (which includes water services, municipal services infrastructure, township roads and streets, services to building complexes, hydrology), agricultural engineering (irrigation and animal husbandry), as well as electrical engineering and project management. Nnete Consulting Engineers believes in providing a professional service with integrity and total commitment to serve the client’s needs. Nnete undertakes to work only on projects for which they are qualified for and to be honest and efficient in the administration of its consultancy practice.

Senior Staff

Daniel Hovy (Nnete) is a registered professional engineer with experience in project management and engineering design of various civil, municipal and water related projects.  Daniel has extensive experience in strategic planning in the water sector and has attended technical courses (dams, water, LIC), managerial and social skills.  He is computer proficient in water software programmes (Civil Designer, KY Pipe Network & KY Pipe Surge), Planet GIS and MSOffice suite of programmes.  He is experienced in the planning, design and implementation of large diameter steel pipelines.  Knowledge in Cathodic Protection and ac/dc Interference and Mitigation is backed by certification from NACE International (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) and SES Technologies.

Leo Middelberg (In association with Nnete) is a registered professional engineer in the electrical field.  Leo holds a BEng (Hons) degree in electrical engineering.  He has a wealth of  experience in the field of industrial electrical engineering and has been involved in stand-alone power generation, non-grid electrification and work on remote sites. His experience is in the design, documentation and supervision of a number of electrical, control, instrumentation and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitioning (SCADA) as well as mechanical installations for industrial systems, including the cogeneration and utilisation of waste products to fulfil part of the energy needs of the process plant.  His work included planning substations up to a capacity of 400kV as well as standby and non-grid power generation utilising diesel generators and photovoltaic sources. He has vast experience in motor control, including medium voltage motors and variable speed drives, together with the instrumentation, control and auxiliary systems required for power stations. His areas of expertise can therefore be divided into the categories of general, water and industrial process plant, petrochemical and gas, control and instrumentation and lastly demand side management and energy efficiency

Peet Hartman (Contract to Nnete) is a registered professional technologist.  He holds a diploma in civil engineering and a BTech degree.   Peet has been active in the consulting  engineering environment since 1989.  His interest in Project Management resulted in course attendance of project management, advanced project management and spreadsheet use as an engineering tool from the University of Pretoria and other institutions.  Peet has practical experience in executing the large bulk water master planning that he was involved with – this experience adds an advantage to any planning of major infrastructure projects.  He has been involved in detailed as well as overhead construction supervision for all types of civil and water engineering type projects.  He has extensive experience in supervising the construction of large diameter steel pipes.  Peet has recently been involved at a senior position in the implementation of a major regional water scheme in the Limpopo Province which also included liaison with the funding agent (Dept of Water & Sanitation).

Empowerment Staff

Nnete realises that empowerment of young technicians and engineers is a cornerstone to any sustainable environment and will continue to mentor suitable candidates.  This office has achieved some success already with the employment of at least three black technicians who have left for further endeavours and more than 5 black students in short term vacation employment.

Professional Affiliation

Nnete Consulting Engineers is registered or has a professional affiliation with the following organisations:

Certificates and Other Downloadable Documents

Certificates issued to Nnete Consulting Engineers and its staff are obtainable in this section.

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