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The company's experience spans from 2004 when Nnete Consulting Engineers was operating as the Polokwane office of Murango Consulting Engineers (the change to Nnete was done in March 2015).

Project Description Client Date Value
Vhembe Tariff Determination
Masibambane project: Water services tariff determination with capacity building by classroom environment. Included a tariff determination model in spreadsheet format. Tariffs were promulgated Vembe District Municipality 2004 R0,5m Fees
Water Services Planning Support Planning support in the Limpopo Province for water services – includes area forum management. Data base and GIS of community with water & sanitation backlogs. WSDP support to municipalities and services providers Dept of Water and Sanitation 2004 - 2012 R3,5m Fees
WSDP Support Support to Water Services Providers and DWS for Water Services Development Plans and Water Master Planning. Included regional bulk water pans for Vhembe and Waterberg District Municipalities Dept of Water and Sanitation 2013 - 2015 R2.0m Fees
WSDP Compilation

Water Services Development Plan (WSDP) compile for Lephalale Municipality

Lephalale Municipality 2006 R0.25m
Project Description Client Date Value
Community Irrigation Systems Irrigation systems design and owner builder implementation for community systems in various villages in Limpopo Province. Total irrigated area is 60ha for 12 drip irrigation schemes. Dept of Agriculture 2004 - 2005 R15m
Chicken Farming for Communal Systems

Chicken housing for broiler and layer purposes for communities. Owner builder implementation for community systems in various villages in Limpopo Province. Total of 15 chicken farming structures erected.

Dept of Water and Sanitation 2004 - 2012 R2.2m
Madzivhandila Agricultural College Relocation of animal husbandry housing facilities due to the encroachment of the new Nandoni Dam Dept of Agriculture 2004 R5m
Univen Sport Stadium Grassing and Irrigation Reconfigure Univen soccer field and athletics track to new levels and installation of an automated pop-up irrigation system and upgrading the pump and filtration systems University of Venda 2009 R5m
Mahwelereng Recreational Node Earthworks and Irrigation Automated pop-up sprinkler system for the recreational node and main stadium in Mahwelereng which included major earthworks for preparing the former dumpiing site. Equipping of three boreholes, a steel panel tank and a pumping station with filtering system was designed and constructed. Mogalakwena Municipality 2009 - 2013 R12m
Project Description Client Date Value
Mogalakwena Water Master Plan Bulk Pipelines for Raw and Potable Water Supply

A bulk pipeline conveyance system for 48km of pipeline was designed which included the GIS mapping and hydraulic modeling. Steel pipes were spigot & socket for the smaller diameters and butt weld ends for the larger diameters Pipelines designed to date were:

  • 1000mm dia steel pipe 26km long with MDPe coating and cement mortar lining Piet-se-Kop to Sekuruwe
  • 800mm dia steel pipe section 5.4km long with MDPe coating and cement mortar lining Sekuruwe to Witvlag
  • 700mm dia steel pipe section 2.9km long with MDPe coating and cement mortar lining Witflag to Phafola
  • 400mm dia steel pipe section 4km long with MDPe coating and cement mortar lining Phafola to Fothane
Mogalakwena Municipality 2007 - 2015 R305m
Weenen Wellfield Bulk Water Supply

450mm dia steel pipe 9.8km long with MDPe coating and cement mortar lining Weenen Wellfirld to Y-Junction for Mokapane water augmentation

Mogalakwena Municipality 2008 - 2010 R45m
Mogalakwena Raw Water Conveyance

Assistance in steel pipeline planning, design and construction supervision for the following pipe raw water systems as part of the Element/Nemorango/Phekiso JV:

  • 1300mm dia steel pipe 14km long Pruissen to Mokopane
  • 1100mm dia steel link pipe 9km long Mokopane to Piet-se-Kop
Mogalakwena Municipality 2015 - 2019 R350m
Project Description Client Date Value
Ga-Pila Services Investigation

Independent consultant investigation into the municipal services (water, sewerage roads and stormwater) supplied by the PPL mine for the relocated Ga-Pila village

Mogalakwena Municipality 2004 R0.05m
Senwabarwana Outfall Sewer An outfall sewer to serve Desmond Park and part of Bochum extension. The 200mm dia pipe was 940m long. Connections to sewer networks were also included. Blouberg Municipality 2007 R0.75m
Water and Sewerage Reticulation Networks

Water and sewerage network planning, design, documentation and constriction supervision for:

  • Maunavhathu and Mvelephanda Water Reticulation – Project value R3.0 mil
  • Mmotwaneng Water Reticulation – Project Value R2.6 mil
  • Makhado Ext 9 and Eltivillas 1 Water and Sewer Networks – R3.4 mil
  • 110 Sites within Mahwelereng A & B – R1.2 mil
  • Replacement of AC Pipes in Lephalale Town – R 2.0 mil
  • Thohoyandou Business Water Network Extensions – R 6.0 mil
  • Malamulele Unit B Ext1 Water and Sewerage for 400 sites – R5 mil
Vhembe District Municipality

Sekhukhune District Municipality

Makhado Municipality, Mogalakwena Mu
2005 - current As shown
Senwabarwana Municipal Services Master Plan for Additional Sites The investigation as to the adequacy of the bulk municipal services (water, sewer, roads, stormwater and electricity) infrastructure capacity with specific reference to the current situation and for extension of 500 more sites Blouberg Municipality 2007 R0.1m Fees
Vondo CBD Upgrade and Bulk Water Feed

Upgrade the bulk water supply infrastructure to the Thohoyandou CBD from the command reservoir as well as the ringfeed system to the CBD.  This is part of the Vondo Regional Water Scheme (NN20A)

Vhembe District Municipality 2012 R23m
Water and Sewerage Reticulation Network for Malamulele Industrial Sites

Water and sewerage network planning, design, documentation and constriction supervision for the industrial area Unit E for Malamulele.  A sewerage pumping station and outfall sewer was part of the scope

Thulamela Municipality 2013 - 2015 R22m
Project Description Client Date Value
Planning of Pipe Routes for Water Transfer System from Crocodile West Drainage System to Lephalale

Investigation of pipeline alternative routes for water transfer from the Crocodile West drainage system (close to Kilpvoor Dam) to Mokolo (Lephalale) for use by the mines and Eskom for power generation.  The pipe route is about 200km long and the pipe diameter for the largest transfer volume is about 1.0m dia.  The multi-disciplinary team includes environmentalists, geologists and electrical engineers.

Dept of Water & Sanitation 2006 R0.65m Fees
Specialist technical assistance for Polokwane Municipality Water Master Planning

Specialist technical assistance for Polokwane Municipality Water Master Planning and detailed bulk water supply infrastructure pipe design and specification (2018-2019). Phase 1 Water Master Plan completed with a spreadsheet based Water Demand Model.   Phase 2 implementation responsible for surge analyses for bulk pipe systems for Polokwane Urban groundwater system comprising of more than 94km of pipes from 450mm diameter and smaller– incl air valve and scour valve sizing.

Polokwane Local Municipality 2017-2019 R3.21m Fees
Water Master Planning for Vhembe District Municipality

Techical planning input for the following Water Master Planning in Vhembe DM:

  • Vhembe DM Water Master Plan 2018 and WSDP 2018: Nnete and Bigen Africa team comprehensive update of whole district water feasibility planning
  • Nandoni System and Vondo Regional Water Scheme Functional Assessment & Feasibility Study 2019-2020:  Nnete support was for all technical aspects of the feasibilty part of the study.  Includes re-assessment of the distribution of the domestic allocation from the Nandoini Dam  
Development Bank of South Africa and Lepelle Northern Water 2017-2020 R1.1m Nnete Fee
Nandoni to Giyani and Malamulele Environs Bulk Potable Water Supply

(i ) Various scenarios for hydraulic capacity and detailed surge analyses for the potable water pumping pipeline from the pump station at the Nandoni Water Treatment Works (WTW) to Giyani.   A 500mm diameter oPVC and GRP pipe with a PN20 rating (class of pipe) conveying 196.7 l/s (ie 17 Ml/d) with length was 37.6 km was evaluated.  

(ii) A scoping study to re-evaluate the supply area for the Malamulele Environs which included a water balance and an infrastructure balance evaluation. The hydraulic capacity evaluation included a provisional surge analysis for this pumped system.

(iii) A comprehensive demographic evaluation based on occupied site count from arial photos for the extended Giyani Water Treatment Works (WTW) Water Scheme Area.  The scheme area includes Giyani town and 64 rural type settlements.  This bulk potable water distribution system comprises of oPV

Lepelle Northern Water 2020- 2021 R 0.6m Fees
Doubling of Majosi Pipe

The doubling of about 9km of a 350 mm dia pipe steel pipeline which pumps water from the Middle Letaba Water Treatment Works to Majosi System.  An additional 2km of GRP pipe was also installed as part of the system.

Vhembe District Municipality 2006 - 2008 R20m
Masisi Regional Rural Water Supply Scheme : Phases 1 & 2

The upgrading and provision of new water supply infrastructure to 6 vilages at Masisi.  The project entailed equipping of boreholes, erection of steel panel tanks, two 300kl concrete reservoirs and associated pipelines as well as village reticulation

Vhembe District Municipality 2005 - 2010 R15m
Moletjie East Regional Rural Water Supply Scheme : Phases 1 to 7

Upgrading and provision of new water supply infrastructure to 15 villages at Moletje East.  The project entailed equipping of boreholes, erection of storage facilities, and reticulation networks.  A comprehensive water supply feasibility study was done

Polokwane Municipality 2004 - 2012 R28m
Feasibility Studies for Grouped Scheme Areas in the Mutale Rural Area

The compilation of feasibility studies for water supply to villages in the Mutale Municipal area.  The studies were grouped within scheme areas and provided the technical development requirement for each area to reach RDP water supply level of service.

Vhembe District Municipality 2008 R0.5m Fees
Technical Feasibility Report for the Mogalakwena Water Master Plan for domestic Use and Mining Potential

Technical development report of the Flag Boshielo Dam water augmentation bulk distribution system into the whole of Mogalakwena Municipal area.  The 39 mil m³/a was made available for distribution to the mines and for domestic consumption.  Assistance was for the water resource review, water demand and water balance evaluation.  A bulk pipeline conveyance system estimated at R1 200 mil was designed at a feasibility study level which included the GIS mapping and hydraulic modelling.  Continued support after compiling the report in 2007 was inter alia for: water balance reviews in 2010 and 2014, system analyses, assistance in groundwater source investigations, etc.

Mogalakwena Municipality 2006 - current R1.5m Fees
Water Supply to Five Rural Water Scheme Areas in Molemole Area

A joint venture appointment with EVN Africa (lead partner), Nyeleti Consulting and Murango Consulting Engineers.  The services provided were for engineering designs and implementation of 5 of the capital works water supply projects (value R 19.9 mil) in Molemole Municipal area.

Capricorn District Municipality 2007 - 2008 R19m
Vondo Regional Scheme Water Master Plan

Water master plan for Vondo Regional Water Scheme (NN20A) which included the Thohoyandou internal bulk connector pipelines.  The investigation to the bulk water supply to Malamulele town is also part of the project.

Vhembe District Municipality 2009 - 2010 R1.4m Fees
Weenen Wellfield Command Reservoir

A 2.5 Ml concrete reservoir and special valve system for the Weenen Wellfield.

Mogalakwena Municipality 2009 - 2010 R7.9m
Project Description Client Date Value
Molemole Municipality

Multi-purpose municipal civic centre of about 2 000m² at Dendron in the Capricorn District.  Murango Consulting Engineers is part of the multi- disciplinary team of consultants and is responsible for the structural and civil engineering aspects.

Molemole Municipality 2005 R6.0m
Fire water system design

Cash and Carry fire water pipe system design for store of 6 000m² in Louis Trichardt

Cash and Carry 2006 R0.01m Fees
Civil services technical reports for DFA

Technical Reports for various commercial and private developments: Elim Plaza, 80 Residential sites in Polokwane, various guest houses and fuel station

Various 2004 - current R0.01m Fees
Tshilidzini Hospital Emergency Water Supply

Additional water supply from three new boreholes for the Tshilidzini Hospital and Thohoyandou Nursing Collage into 2 new elevated steel panel tanks (300 kl and 165 kl).  A pumping station for 51 l/s for lifting the water to the tanks was designed.

Dept of Water & Sanitation 2012 -2015 R9.5m
Univen Building Civil Services and Roads and Parking Areas

The design for water, sewerage, roads, stormwater and parking for various new administration, auditorium, special purpose and residence buildings.  Fencing also formed part of the infrastructure provisioning

University of Venda 2008 - 2014 R2.5m Fees
Fencing for Various Facilities

Pre-cast concrete fencing for the following facilities:

  • Cemetery in Mahwelereng
  • Recreation node and sport stadium in Mahwelereng
Mogalakwena Municipality 2009 - 2010 R2.5m
Maintenance and Repair On Government Buildings

Maintenance and repair for civil services (water, sewerage, stormwater, roads and fencing) and structural work for the following building complexes:

  • Thabamoopo Magistrates Court
  • Dendron Police Station
Dept of Public Works 2013 - current R2.5m
Mahwelereng Recreational Node Buildings

The design for water, sewerage, roads, stormwater and parking for the sports and recreation node for the new library, ablution building, amphitheatre and change rooms. The design of a water reticulation system for the whole recreational park for the buildings and drinking fountains were was included.

Mogalakwena Municipality 2009 - 2010 R1.5m
Project Description Client Date Value
Dept of Home Affairs Survey of Facility Premises

Assistance for both the audit phases of all 94 facilities in the whole of the Limpopo Province that the Dept of Home Affairs are housed in. The audit included furniture, working conditions, compliance to Health & Safety act, staffing, related functional aspects and a building CAD layout.  Management of the team comprising of 6 persons in the field, quality control, and collating the forms for submission formed part of the scope.

Dept of Home Affairs 2004 -2005 R0.4m Fees
Establishment and maintenance of the Regional Information Centre

The second phase in the establishment and maintenance of the Regional Information Centre (RIC) in DWS offices in Polokwane.  The RIC comprises of a library a GIS Station, a Map Shop and a Monitor & Evaluation Unit.  Murango is part of the consultancy team and heads the professional services provided to DWS

Dept of Water & Sanitation 2004 - 2005 R0.06m Fees
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